Instant Test Cup

instant test cup
Question by ThatgirlfromKY: I have a drug test today and drank wine last night?
How long do I need to wait today to take the test to make sure the wine isn't in my system. Also the form I have says cup instant test on it what does that mean?
I think they are only testing for drugs, but I don't know for sure.
LOL I know wine is't a "drug" but I dont want them to test for it and think I am a drunk.

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Answer by old school - spuds to you
since when is wine considered a drug?

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    4 Responses to Instant Test Cup

    1. Corvato says:

      drug tests don’t test for alcohol, as its a legal substance

      if they were testing for alcohol, they usually do a ETG urine alcohol test, which doesn’t actually test for alcohol, but byproducts your body generates consuming alcohol. these are usually rated to be able to detect alcohol consumption 3-4 days since last drink.

    2. Stirling-flanker says:

      Your body will clear 1 unit of alcohol out of your system in 1 hour. 1 glass of wine is equivalent to 1 unit, so unless you were plastered the night before there should be nothing left in your system.

    3. Pat Friedman says:

      Start drinking LOTS of water (2 cups every hour, i’m assuing your test is soon) as well as eat Pretzels (they soak up the alcohol nicely).

      btw, why don’t you call a ‘head shop’ (they have a lot of them in Cali & FL) to see if they sell any detoxifying kits? You can google head shop to find if there are any near you in your state.

      I’ll gladly take 10 points for Best Answer if this saves you from not being hired. :)

    4. Bella Carr says:

      mr patato head, wine is most defenatly a drug, anything that alters the hormons in ur brain, wine is way more detrimental on a person the marijuana, so think before u write something, and hunny, alcohol can only be detected by the breatholizer, u have nothing to be worryed about. and wine is leagal, so u are perfectly fine, but if it is a drug ur worryed about, i would drink a butt load of watter and when u pee in the cup put a little toilet water in it.

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